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HoduSoft participated in the 29th Convergence India Expo 2022

HoduSoft exhibited its diverse UC product suite at the 29th Convergence India Expo 2022

Digital India is transforming with the advancement of technology in every sphere. One of the most influential tech expos in India, the 29th Convergence India Expo 2022 provided a platform for tech giants to exhibit their innovative approach towards technology through their unique product line. The HoduSoft team was enlivened to participate in the event and meet customers personally gathering feedback on our UC products driving them towards further improvement.

“We are elated knowing the impact of our UC products from our customers. It gives us immense delight to hear stories of how our products have transformed business communication. We are also overjoyed to witness the response of all the companies attending the event. Indeed, we can proudly state that we have become a part of shared success. The immense love we received for these products is what inspires us to innovate products that further enrich lives and pave the path towards a progressive nation.” Kartik Khambhati, the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer said.

The leading IT and Business communication trade show in India, the Convergence Expo took place from March 23-25, 2022, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The HoduSoft leadership participated in the event along with multiple businesses, startups, digital innovators, and business professionals to explore technological advancement through mutual interaction. This event provided the opportunity for HoduSoft team to connect face-to-face with numerous customers and partners and run successful meetings with them. We were glad to enroll a significant number of customers and partners at the event, strengthening our presence in India as well as in different parts of the world.

Revolutionizing Business Landscape through Visionary UC Products

HoduSoft exhibited its diverse product suite at the 29th Convergence Expo for all the customers looking for solutions to transform their business communication. The sudden shift of work models to remote and hybrid mode after the pandemic has impacted businesses. It has forced businesses of all sizes to rethink their communication mode among employees, different departments, and customers. HoduSoft products have effectively bridged the communication gap facilitating seamless collaboration among teams.

Emerging Trends in Call Contact Center Market

The 29th Converge Expo, 2022 was a brilliant platform for IT, telecommunication, and customer engagement industries to showcase their latest products and services and explore a series of conversations surrounding the challenges and upcoming trends in the Call and Contact center market. With the shift of work culture, the customer service industries had to adopt the hybrid work model. According to research, businesses that had been early adopters of remote work, fetched a 35 to 40% productivity increase from their office work model.

The accelerated digital transformation in business has led to multiple trends in the call center market. The role of Artificial Intelligence(AI) for process automation has disrupted the call center market. Moreover, businesses are preferring unified communication to traditional VoIP services in order to facilitate omnichannel communication.

Another trend that promises the capability of the call center to deliver service excellence and business continuity in an unstable environment is the demand for personalized customer service through the digital medium. This trend has led businesses to adopt CRM integration in call and contact centers. It is also a major reason for businesses to adopt chatbots for live chat assistance.

Today, the call contact center is not just expected to provide VoIP services. They are also expected to provide call center analytics to strengthen the decision-making capability of the businesses. The Convergence Expo saw businesses looking for a communication solution that facilitates seamless collaboration, provides actionable insights to improve customer service, and thereby fetch better ROI.

Reinventing Business Communications and Collaborations

At the 29th Convergence Expo conference, HoduSoft also exhibited the exclusive features of its product range that serves as the best fit for hybrid and remote work models. Looking at the competitive space of every business, Unified Communication has become an essential tool worth investing in to thrive in business. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of organizations to adapt technological aids to meet the current business’s needs and develop themselves into an agile and future-ready organization.

As an advanced Unified Communications software maker, HoduSoft aims at innovative world-class products paving for businesses of all sizes.

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