Cloud Hosted PBX Software Is The Best and Easiest Way for Business Communication admin April 5, 2019
Cloud Hosted PBX Software Is The Best and Easiest Way for Business Communication
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Cloud Hosted PBX Software Is The Best and Easiest Way for Business Communication

Whichever way one looks at it, a hosted PBX solution is far better for business communication and it suits all business types ranging from small businesses to large, international enterprises.

The latest and the best

If you were to go in for an in-house proprietary solution you will need to upgrade at frequent intervals to keep in step with changing technologies. This necessitates costs and manpower. Hosted PBX software does away with all this since the provider takes care of maintenance and upgrades.

Savings in cost, space

If you deploy a PBX solution in-house need to invest in IT infrastructure and pay for running costs as well as for the space that it takes up. If you opt for hosted PBX software you free up space inside your premises, reduce reliance on IT personnel and you can use existing computer systems and mobiles to use the software. Employees using their own mobiles can retain numbers. There are no upfront charges involved in hosted PBX software solutions. Call costs, especially international call costs, reduce dramatically.

Globally available

With VoIP PBX software in place provided as SaaS you can access the software from anywhere using any device, even mobiles and make as well as receive calls. Cloud PBX is usually multi-tenant and enterprises with branches in various locations can use it with ease. You can get multi-lingual capabilities and you reduce cost of operation and cost of calls by its least cost routing feature. Even VoIP service providers and ITSPs can use this when it is integrated with billing and payment gateway to offer PBX services to local businesses. If a WebRTC client is included then the software gains in versatility by offering video and audio conferencing feature through any browser on any device without the need for plugins or software. You can port CRM and phone book and better manage customers. IVR is part of the hosted PBX and further enhances a company’s brand image.


One of the attractions of a hosted solution or SaaS is that you can scale up or scale down, a feature that call centers and enterprises will appreciate.

No downtime

In-house systems can go down and your communications come to a halt. Cloud hosting means redundancy, backup and switchover that ensure continuity of communication and business. This is of special importance to businesses like stock traders and health care services.

With so many features to recommend it, hosted PBX is the way to go for businesses of all sizes and types.

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