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Call Center Software for Financial Services

Call Center Software Offers Incalculable Benefits for Financial Services

Customer experience matters a great deal for financial services. You get more business and you get more recommendations from a satisfied customers. Communication is one important vector for customer happiness and given that customers may choose any channel of communication, the call center software for financial services plays an important role. Whether it is responding or reaching out, you just cannot do without call center solutions. The software helps with sales campaigns and it proves simply invaluable for customer service.

Sales campaigns

Think up strategic campaigns to draw in more customers and then use call center software for financial services implementation. You can plan the entire campaign this way, for example:

  • Feed the contact list into your CRM and link it with the call center software
  • Use different types of dialers, part of the contact center solution, to initiate outbound calls
  • Generate leads and channel them into your database for follow-up and conversion
  • Derive information from the sales analytics module of the software.

Campaigns may be initiated using different types of dialers in the call center software in order to achieve different goals.

Preview dialer

This type of dialer is more useful when you already have data about the called parties. This way, just before the call is initiated your employee gets to view the called party’s data on the screen and can proceed with the point talk. This type of dialer is better suited for customer service and following up on hot leads.

Predictive dialer

Smart and AI-equipped call center software will offer a predictive dialer that is smart enough to keep track of calls in progress and estimate when an employee is likely to end an ongoing call. By that time it will have dialed out one or several numbers, checked to see if a human responds or an answering machine responds, and lined up a human response call for the employee to handle. With this type of dialer, your employees can achieve high volume throughputs, especially for generating leads.

Progressive dialer

This one works a bit differently in that it checks if an agent is free and then dials a number. If there is no response, if the line is busy or if an answering machine responds, it then disconnects and moves on to the next number in the list, connecting the agent only when a human responds. Again, this reduces the load on the employee and improves throughput in sales campaigns.

From the foregoing, one can see that automated dialers will help financial services in their outreach programs and help them to improve cross-sales or up-sell products to existing customers besides adding new customers with much less effort and in a shorter space of time.

There are other aspects to consider such as customer services, ably fulfilled with call center software.

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Self-service – the first option

Callers may wish to know about available schemes or seek clarifications on schemes or raise queries. Naturally, they will dial a number. If you have human agents handling such queries, they are likely to be overwhelmed with the number of inquiries that flood in. Instead, when you use a call center solution you have the benefit of a dynamic configurable IVR that is available 24×7 as a self-service tool. Callers can find out primary information about financial services, customers can know the current status of loans and installments and if they have a complaint, they can register it through the IVR. You benefit in two ways: customers can call any time and get basic information or register a complaint and, two, your employees can work on more productive tasks. The IVR also serves as a valuable payment reminder tool and automated IVR payment system. Your collections improve.

Be available on any channel and at any time

Customers, existing or prospective, will use just about any channel which is convenient. They may text, chat, use video calls, express themselves on social media or choose to send a fax or voicemail. Are you available and listening? Here again, the omnichannel contact center software makes multi-channel communications a walk in the park. You know the channel on which your customer reached out and you can respond on the same channel through the single dashboard control panel. Speedy response and that too through the favorite method of the customer will earn you brownie points. Call center solutions generally feature call transfers and mobility options. Your employees can respond or reach out, regardless of whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road.


Existing customers prefer to interact with a known person at all times. This is where the call center software’s automatic call distribution and skill-based mapping come into their own. You can use smart software to assign an employee to a particular customer to personalize the experience. You can just as well configure the system to route certain types of calls to specifically qualified personnel. The shortcut makes customers happy and their delight translates to loyalty for you.

These are just a few of the benefits. There is a lot more to call center solutions as you will discover when you start to use it.

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