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ABS India collaborates with HoduSoft in a strategic move as a Value-Added Reseller

ABS India collaborates with HoduSoft in a strategic move as a Value-Added Reseller

HoduSoft, a leader in the Unified Communications software market, recently collaborated with ABS India, a leading enterprise communication solutions provider. The strategic partnership aims to benefit HoduSoft’s expansion ambitions by accessing ABS India’s existing customers and partner network pan India.

The new collaboration is set to benefit both companies in the Unified Communications space. HoduSoft and ABS India’s communication solutions, offerings, and target markets are highly complementary. This strategic partnership will help reinforce and strengthen their positions in the market. Joining hands as a Value Added Reseller, HoduSoft and ABS mutually benefit through the deployment and sales of  HoduSoft’s product suite through the ABS India platform.

About ABS India

ABS India Pvt Ltd is a renowned name in the enterprise communication segment, providing key solutions in the area of IP & Convergence to large, medium, small and multi-location businesses. ABS India offers end-to-end converged technology solutions by integrating some of the world’s leading technologies in the domain of voice switching, data networking, and WiFi, with the footprint of services across India, Singapore, Maldives, Nepal, and Bangladesh. ABS India has served a range of enterprise communication needs including multi-site network locations for clients from diverse domains. ABS India’s communications solution offerings include:

  • Enterprise voice solutions
  • WLAN & Wifi Solutions
  • Contact Center, CTI & IVR Applications
  • End-to-end converged solutions.
  • Data and IP networking solutions
  • Unified Communications Solutions
  • Enterprise Applications

Bringing the most innovative and value-centric Unified Communications Software.

The collaboration has presented HoduSoft with the opportunity to offer its suite of enterprise-grade Unified Communications products with ABS India’s existing customers and partner network spread all over the country. This association completely aligns with HoduSoft’s mission to redefine business communication with UC software in diverse geographies all around the world.

Let us quickly glance through HoduSoft’s product stack. 

Facilitating enterprises with advanced contact center operation with an omnichannel approach to deliver delightful customer experiences. 

Equipped with automatic dialers and the latest calling and analytics tools serves new-age enterprises with optimized call center operations.

Advance high-quality internet telephony to cost-effectively build efficient phone systems for all businesses.

The ultimate Voice and SMS broadcast software to increase a business’ reach effortlessly in a few clicks.

The scalable audio conferencing software brings global and local teams together. 

Communication has become an essential parameter that affects business value as well as revenue generation. These Unified Communication products facilitate seamless communication and collaboration in a few clicks to meet the customer’s expectations.

How are UC Products transforming the Business Landscape?

After the emergence of Covid-19, businesses were forced to switch to a remote work model. This transformation made companies realize the need for investing in high-quality communication tools. Adapting the right technology tool became the top priority to ensure a stellar customer experience. Moreover, these innovative unified communication products have helped boost the productivity of the agents working remotely from different corners of the world.

UC products aid business communications by offering the following perks:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Access to information along with the call to ensure quicker resolution
  • Streamlining and automation of mundane manual tasks
  • Better collaboration through instant messaging, and video conferencing with teammates.
  • Swifter knowledge sharing through the common knowledge base 

Businesses have readily accepted UC products owing to the following advantages:

  • Real-time call monitoring and feedback
  • Organized performance dashboard to identify training needs
  • Skill-based call routing enhances customer experience through the quicker resolution of their problems
  • Unify communication through multiple channels for improved communication

The wide range of HoduSoft products helps in integrating a strong communication system within a business organization. Its voice and SMS broadcasting software help in conveying a message to all the employees with a click. Moreover, its flagship product, HoduCC, enables businesses to leverage call center operations to provide an unbeatable customer service experience. Moreover, it also helps a business to expand its marketing outreach through personalized messaging. HoduConf is a reliable conferencing solution that adds value to every virtual meeting through call recordings It enables real-time team collaboration through instant messaging, screen sharing, and other features.

Future of Business Communication

Unified communication and collaboration have become a persistent factor to drive organizational success. The market for UC products has been growing and is estimated to be worth 50 billion USD in the coming years. Today is the right time to invest in UC technologies that not only enhance your employee performance but also help your business in delivering a world-class customer experience. HoduSoft has been recognized multiple times as the manufacturer of premium quality UC software. Its contribution has strengthened the communication and collaboration of multiple global clients to fetch maximum profitability.

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