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Have You Heard? Call Center Software is Best Bet for Healthcare Business

The customer experience matters a lot in most of the industries nowadays as the companies face a tremendous competition, and the healthcare industry is no exception! Perhaps you might think: what is the connection of pleasant customer experience with the healthcare sector? The answer is simple: The healthcare sector revolves around the patient and the patient’s satisfaction with the medical services is its ultimate goal. In such a scenario, enhanced customer or patient experience can translate into the growth of a healthcare business.

Today, the healthcare sector also passes through a transformation stage where technology-led aspects have started gaining ground in offering more focused and precise medical services even to the patients who live in the remote areas. Telemedicine is one such concept that facilitates patients to get the real-time healthcare services. As per the Deloitte report, telemedicine and telehealth are going to attract about 7 million patients by 2018 in the US alone. In the current age of integrating medical services with virtual healthcare for improved patient experience through establishing a robust communication system, the healthcare sector banks on the  call center software.

Let’s go through the aspects that make  contact center software  a preferred choice for healthcare service providers:

  1. 24/7 access to healthcare services- The software allows an automation of common scheduling tasks and facilitates the patients to book appointments without any manual help. In a way, the healthcare service providers can offer 24/7 access to the patients.
  2. Proactive patient outreach- With the right stake of technological advancements, it is easy to place outbound calls, texts or emails for refill reminders, appointment, follow-up notifications and claim status notifications in an automated manner. It facilitates the healthcare organizations to establish a proactive patient outreach.
  3. Data collection and storage- The software can be integrated with various other systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to store and access the patient’s critical data as and when necessary.
  4. Improved patient engagement- It is possible to integrate IVR and broadcasting software in the contact center software to offer various facilities to the patients including reminders for their appointments and follow-ups through a voice call, SMS, email, and web chat. It can assist the healthcare business to improve patient engagement.
  5. Faster response time- The software comes with a GUI-based dashboard that has built-in features like web phone that enables the call center executive to take calls without any delay.
  6. Advanced reporting- The real-time reports of all call center-related activities is possible with the software’s advanced reporting feature. Such reporting can assist the healthcare service providers to track daily operations more effectively.

It’s of vital importance for the healthcare service providers to communicate and collaborate with the patients and healthcare service professionals. Tailored  call center solution  can serve this purpose efficiently and effectively.

At HoduSoft, we know what it takes to develop user-friendly and feature-rich  contact center software. Get the futuristic call center solution that is highly scalable and customizable at competitive rates for meeting all contact center requirements.

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