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a guide to call abandonment rate in call centers and its significance

A Guide to Call Abandonment Rate in Call Centers and Its Significance

Are you dealing with high call abandonment rates? Providing exceptional customer service is crucial in today’s call center environment, but what if your customers disconnect even before reaching an agent? 

In general, as per the industry standard, a call center abandonment rate is between 5% and 8%. Also, a high call abandonment rate is 10% or more. A high call abandonment rate may lead to customer churn, increased operational expenses, and low revenue.

To deal with such an issue, you must track the call center abandonment rate. It not only helps in offering superior customer experiences but also assists in improving operational efficiency, seizing potential opportunities, and addressing issues effectively that may arise in the call center environment. 

In this blog, we will cover everything related to call abandonment rates and why it is important. Here are the quick links to the topics that we will cover in this blog-

What is the Call Abandonment Rate?

The call abandonment rate is an important metric used in call centers to measure the percentage of incoming calls that are abandoned by callers before connecting with a live agent. This metric serves as a key sign of the effectiveness of a call center’s operations and customer service. 

Importance of Call Abandonment Rate in Call Centers

The importance of call abandonment rate lies in its impact on various factors like operational efficiency, customer experience, resource allocation, service level management, and financial implications. 

    • Operational Efficiency: From an operational perspective, a high abandonment rate indicates potential issues like inefficient call-handling processes, inadequate staffing, etc. These issues can negatively impact the overall operational efficiency of a call center. 
    • Customer Experience: A high abandonment rate can create frustration in customers, dissatisfaction, and a negative impact on the overall customer experience. When customers wait too long to receive answers to their questions or issues, they become dissatisfied, affecting the overall experience. 
    • Resource Allocation: When abandonment rates are consistently high during specific times or days, staffing schedules may need to be adjusted or additional resources may need to be deployed. Improper resource allocation may lead to inefficient workflow and low responsiveness to customer needs.
  • Service Level Management: Service level targets are often set by call centers, which specify how many calls must be answered within a particular period of time. High Call Abandonment Rates may indicate difficulties meeting predefined goals, which is closely related to service level management.
  • Financial Implications: Even though abandoned calls are not connected to a live agent, the call center still incurs costs. To ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and control operational costs, the call abandonment rate must be monitored and managed properly.

How to Calculate Call Abandonment Rate?

An easy way to calculate the call abandonment rate is to compare the total number of inbound calls with the number of abandoned calls. Start with the number of calls that were abandoned by callers before connecting with a live agent during a particular period. Divide the number with the total number of incoming calls received during the same period and multiply it by 100 to get the percentage.

For instance, if a call center receives 1000 calls in a day and 100 of them are abandoned by callers before connecting to a live agent, then the call abandonment rate would be 10%.

Here is the formula for calculating the call abandonment rate: 
Formula for calculating the call abandonment rate
Formula for calculating the call abandonment rate


Tips to Monitor Your Call Center Abandonment Rate

As mentioned above, the call abandonment rate is a key indicator of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Therefore, it is important to monitor this rate to ensure effective management of your call center. 

Call Center Abandonment Rate
Call Center Abandonment Rate

Here are some of the essential tips to monitor your call abandonment rate:

Consistent Tracking 

To effectively monitor your call abandonment rate, it is crucial to track it consistently. Depending on the size and nature of your call center, this can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Regular tracking enables you to identify patterns and trends, such as peak times for call abandonment. Accordingly, you can take appropriate actions.

Utilizing Call Center Software Solutions

A call center software solution can greatly enhance your ability to monitor your call abandonment rate and other call center metrics. In addition to tracking and calculating your call abandonment rate, these tools can provide additional insights such as the average time before abandonment, and the distribution of abandoned calls throughout the day.

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Detailed Data Analysis

Once you have the data, it’s important to analyze it thoroughly. Observe patterns and trends, such as the times of day when the call abandonment rate is higher than average or agents who are more likely to abandon a call than usual. By doing so, you will be able to identify potential issues and areas for improvement.

Compare your Call Abandonment Rate

Identify your call abandonment rate and compare it to industry standards or your previous data. In this way, you can measure your performance and identify whether you have an acceptable call abandonment rate or not.

Take Necessary Actions

The key objective of monitoring the call abandonment rate is to get actionable insights. Utilize the data and insights to make informed decisions. For example, based on the data, you could adjust your staffing levels during peak hours, provide training for specific agents, or develop new strategies to reduce wait times.

By following all the above-mentioned tips for monitoring the call abandonment rate, you can ensure smooth call center operations and satisfactory customer service. 

Reasons Why Are Call Center Calls Abandoned?

There can be several reasons behind abandoned call center calls. It is important to understand these factors to improve call center performance as well as customer satisfaction. 

Here are some of the key reasons why calls may be abandoned:

  • Long Wait Times: Keeping customers waiting for long can lead to frustration and they may abandon the call before connecting to a live agent. 
  • Inefficient Call Routing: Poor call routing systems can lead to callers being redirected multiple times, resulting in confusion and call dropout.
  • Complicated IVR Systems: Complicated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus can create confusion among callers, resulting in call abandonment.
  • Lack of Information: Providing callers with self-service options or IVR menus is not enough. If they are not getting the right information that they are looking for, they may drop the call.
  • Negative Experiences: Disappointing customer service or any bad experience from the past may discourage callers from staying on the line.
  • Technical Issues: Technical issues like poor call quality, call drops, and others can also be a reason for the callers to abandon the call.
  • Longer Hold Times: Keeping callers on hold for a long time can create frustration, prompting them to abandon the call.
  • Lack of Call Back Options: Not providing the option for a call back can also be a reason why callers choose to abandon the call instead of waiting on hold. 
  • Shortage of Agents: During peak call times, if enough agents are not available to handle the calls, it can lead to longer wait times and higher abandonment rates.

By understanding the key reasons, call centers can implement the necessary actions to improve their processes and reduce call abandonment rates.

Best Practices for Reducing Call Abandonment Rates in call centers

Let’s explore some of the best practices that can help you lower call abandonment rates:

Best Practices for Reducing Call Abandonment Rates in call centers
Best Practices for Reducing Call Abandonment Rates in call centers
  • Improve Staffing Levels: With adequate staffing, you can ensure that you have enough agents to handle call volume, especially during peak times. This will not only reduce the wait times but also minimize the chances of call abandonment. 
  • Implement call queues: Implementing call queues is one of the most important steps to ensure effective management of incoming calls. Just let the callers know the estimated wait time in a particular queue.
  • Optimize IVR Systems: Make sure that the IVR systems menus are not complex. These must be easy to use and understand for the callers so that they can be routed to the right information or department in the least possible time. 
  • Provide Adequate Training: Agents must be provided with adequate training so that they can easily manage the call volume, resolve any issues quickly, and provide satisfactory customer service. This will ultimately help in reducing the chances of call abandonment. 
  • Offer Call Back Options: Callers should be provided with the call back option instead of just making them wait on hold. 
  • Monitor and Analyze Data Frequently: To keep up with the ongoing trends and patterns, call centers must monitor and analyze call center data regularly. This will help in determining the call peak time and they can make the adjustments accordingly. 
  • Utilize Technology: Another best practice to optimize call center operations and minimize abandonment rates is to utilize the latest call center technology. Implement technology and tools like auto dialers, predictive dialers, Skills-Based Routing, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), AI Chatbot, Queue Pro, and others. 
  • Get Feedback from Customers: Taking feedback from customers who abandoned calls can also help to know their reasons and recognize areas for improvement.
  • Refine Call Center Processes: Last but not least, continuous improvement is also the best practice to improve service quality and reduce call abandonment rates.


To conclude, it is important to understand and efficiently handle call abandonment rates in call centers to ensure satisfactory customer experience and enhance operational effectiveness. The above guide can be helpful for call centers that are facing difficulties in addressing and conquering the challenges associated with call abandonment.

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Boost call center performance! Explore our guide on Call Abandonment Rate for key insights.

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