Accumulate customers’ feedback and empower business growth!

HoduBlast, Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software offers an add-on feature IVR Survey (Interactive Voice Response Survey) to gather customer feedback and improvise customer experience. Improved customer satisfaction is vital to sustain market competition and increase business growth. Hence, we present an elite feature to record customers’ responses. HoduBlast aims to assist businesses in understanding their customers better.

IVR survey module enables call broadcast for a survey to a customer which provides a set of survey questions to the customer.

IVR Survey
  • Randomized Questioning
  • Recorded Digit Responses
  • Phone Interview Questions & Responses
  • Summary Reports
  • Gather responses of the large audience quickly and efficiently
  • Get customer feedback faster than email or any other form of survey
  • A cost-effective way to accumulate customer responses
  • Receive more objective responses
  • Swiftly analyze the replies and improve customer services
  • Feedback assists in taking the right decision
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