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HoduSoft is proud to introduce STIR/SHAKEN, a cutting-edge call authentication framework that is set to revolutionize the telecommunications industry.

Now, you can be assured of the legitimacy of caller ID information.




STIR/SHAKEN, which stands for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using Tokens, is a powerful solution designed to combat the growing menace of fraudulent calls. 

Nowadays, Robocalls, along with caller ID spoofing have emerged as a major concern in many countries. These malicious practices pose significant threats to businesses in various ways, making it difficult for companies to protect themselves and their customers. 

By implementing this framework, HoduSoft aims to restore trust and transparency in the calling ecosystem.

How Does STIR/SHAKEN Work?

The STIR/SHAKEN framework works by digitally verifying the caller’s identity and providing a cryptographic signature for each call. This signature acts as a stamp of authenticity, allowing the receiving network to verify the legitimacy of the caller ID. By doing so, it becomes significantly more difficult for scammers and fraudsters to spoof caller IDs and deceive unsuspecting recipients.

In addition to protecting consumers from unwanted and potentially harmful robocalls, STIR/SHAKEN also benefits businesses by enhancing their reputation and ensuring that their legitimate calls are not mistaken for spam or scams.
With this framework in place, organizations can confidently communicate with their customers.

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Benefits of Using

STIR/SHAKEN Compliant IP PBX System

Using a STIR/SHAKEN compliant IP PBX System,
businesses can benefit in several ways,

Improved Trustworthiness:

Your outgoing calls are more likely to be trusted, reducing the risk of being labeled as spam.

Protection Against Fraud:

Reduces the risk of unauthorized usage of your IP PBX system.

Reduced Caller ID Spoofing:

Prevents impersonation and manipulation of caller ID information.

Customer Trust:

Enhances trust in your brand and improves the customer experience.

Enhanced Reputation:

Builds a more reputable image for your business.by recipients.

Reduction in Call Blocking:

Minimizes the chances of your calls being labeled as spam.

Legal Compliance:

Helps adhere to anti-robocall regulations.

Improved Call Analytics:

Provides accurate call analytics for better tracking.

Call Deliverability:

Ensures your calls are successfully delivered and not blocked.

Competitive Advantage:

Demonstrates a commitment to call authentication and sets you apart from competitors.

HoduSoft Providing STIR/SHAKEN Compliant IP PBX System

At HoduSoft, we understand the need to implement STIR/SHAKEN to safeguard both the company’s reputation and its customers’ interests. That’s why, we ensure a STIR/SHAKEN compliant IP PBX System that not only helps businesses maintain customer trust but also ensures regulatory compliance and minimizes the risk of calls being mistakenly blocked or labeled as spam.

To know more about STIR/SHAKEN,

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