Skills Based Routing Defines Success for Contact Centers

Contact centers must grapple with various issues as they grow in size and handle different accounts and services. Keeping callers satisfied is a prime requisite. The other side of the coin is employees and how to handle this resource in the most efficient way. As workforce grows, task distribution can become skewed leading to a heavy load on some and idle time for others. Calls may be routed to those not capable of handling callers and it can result in customer dissatisfaction.

The contact center software  is at the heart of operations. Supervisors use it as do call agents and managers. Skills based routing  is essential in the software that contact centers use so that people who can handle a particular call best get it first and calls are also distributed equally to balance work loads.

Skills based routing

Since callers may use any digital channel to initiate a dialogue it is mandatory that only omnichannel contact center software be used in current environments, preferably tied to a backend CRM. Agents can switch channel from the one chosen by the caller to another one for better interaction, possibly video chat and then call up records from the CRM. Someone who does not know the caller and his history can access it from the CRM. However, that leaves the question of capability. If he is not capable he may not satisfy the caller and must switch the call to an agent who can. This wastes time and frustrates callers. Incorporation of skills based routing with a measure of artificial intelligence cuts short this process and directs the call to an agent based on his records and his past interaction with the caller so that he can resolve the caller’s issue promptly.

How contact centers benefit

  • The old processes of varying views, manually assigning tickets and triggers are simply done away with. Skills based routing in the finest skills based routing contact center software is customizable and can be configured.

  • It saves time. Calls are handled quickly and efficiently and agents can handle many calls. Callers do not wait in a queue. It reduces load on the telecom system.

  • Better employee satisfaction is one of the outcomes. Agents handle calls for which they have skills, deliver satisfaction and also gain it. Supervisors and managers are free to work on something more important than assigning tickets.

  • Costs also reduce. Time is money and by handling time and work efficiently, cost reduces and productivity increases.

So we come back to the contact center software. Choosing the right one with configurable skill based routing can work wonders.

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