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Introducing a multichannel customer support software to improve your customers journey with quicker problem solving technology. Build stronger relationships with customers by helping them reach you via their preferred channels with our easy-to-use and cost-effective contact center software.

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    Experience The Magic Of Omnichannel Contact Center Software Multi-Tenant & Single-Tenant Contact Center

    Provide personalized customer service through consistent and cohesive multichannel contact center software. Using cutting-edge technology, we help businesses manage and exceed customer expectations at their best from each interaction with greater efficiency. 

    • Workflow Simplification: Unifying information to make it quickly accessible from one place whenever required
    • Streamlining Support: Reach out to your customers easily across different channels with omnichannel support software.  
    • Automation: Use robust and innovative automation tools to deliver fast and personalized customer experiences by offering them ways to self-serve.

    Enhance Customer Engagement With Customized Customer Contact Center Software Action Conversions From Your Digital Touchpoints

    Improve your business productivity and respond to numerous customer queries with contact center software, an intelligence innovation for better customer interactions. 

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    Building Upgraded Customer Interactions To Make Real Difference

    Our compact feature-built contact center software is designed to provide customer service with utmost excellence. HoduCC omnichannel contact center software with advanced technology helps resolve multiple customer issues and track customer engagements. Capture enhanced customer interaction and performance data with the help of the best contact center management software. This intelligent, secure, and agile solution can be delivered on the cloud or on premise as per your business requirement. 

    • Omnichannel Platform
    • Personalization by Automation
    • Single Tenant and Multi-Tenant
    • Cloud-Delivered and On-Premise
    • WFH and Hybrid Work 

    Features of HoduCC Contact Center

    Predictive Dialer

    An ideal tool for businesses with large call volumes. Our predictive dialer contact center software uses advanced algorithms for better productivity.

    Skill Based Routing

    Drive customer engagement with preferred proficiency routing. Customers are routed directly to the agents with relevant skills.

    Automatic Call Distribution

    This feature is intelligently built to automatically sort and manage heavy call volumes. It helps to distribute calls evenly among contact center agents.

    WebRTC Phone

    In-built web phone based on WebRTC technology, allowing users to connect securely via popular desktop/laptop browsers instead of a dedicated office phone device.

    Auto Dialer

    Auto-dialers enable the system to simply redirect the call to the next agent. Automation helps in the efficient usage of resources and improves productivity.

    Single Tenant & Multi Tenant

    Enjoy the powerful single-tenant & multi-tenant features for the contact center.

    Multilevel IVR

    Drive superior efficiency and personalization via smart multi-level IVR functions and call flow design.

    Real Time Analytics & Reports

    Monitor and analyze all customer interactions with live call monitoring and a campaign dashboard to redefine your customer support experience.

    Omnichannel Support

    Connect with your customers easily across different channels including voice, video, Email, social media, chat, and SMS. Deliver consistently superior customer experiences.

    Built-In CRM

    Allow customer service agents to access customer information like previous interactions, unresolved complaints, and more to deliver contextual conversations.

    Remote Agent

    Internet ON or OFF, work seamlessly from anywhere.

    In-built WebRTC Phone

    Audio & Video calls. Truly advance!

    Browser Based

    No installations please! Simple & Easy.

    Call Forwarding To Mobile

    Getting you connected is our responsibility.

    Call-Bridging-50 (1)
    Call Bridging

    Connecting Agents to Customers & vice versa.

    Call Recording

    Inbound or Outbound, all calls get recorded.

    Highly Secure

    Trust us! We have covered everything.


    SMS Integration

    Custom SMS integration is also available upon your request. Just let us know your preferred SMS service providers.

    Opt for HoduCC to embrace redundant channels of communication for captivating as many interactions.

    CRM Integration

    Augment accuracy and promote productivity through the Salesforce CRM integration with HoduCC!

    HoduCC Contact Center Software is the expert solution to empower customer services or boost agent’s productivity.

    Easily track, prioritize, and resolve customer support interactions through the Zendesk CRM integration with HoduCC!

    Why You Should Choose HoduCC Contact Center Software?

    If you are thinking about why HoduCC should be your first-ever choice in contact center solutions space, then here are some of the genuine reasons:

    • With HoduCC, offer your agents all the intelligent tools they need to succeed while empowering them to deliver the best user experience.
    • It helps in decreasing the percentage of escalations and shortens the Average Handling Time (AHT).
    • It assists in leveraging in-depth insights, streamlining agent workflow, and improving customer interactions by providing a 360-degree view.
    • An omnichannel contact center software that supports voice from one secure platform.
    • It ensures increased productivity by analyzing real-time analytics, improving response time, and automating all the mundane tasks.
    • It allows you to scale your business by meeting both immediate and evolving business requirements.

    Your Digitally Advanced Contact Center Software

    This is your chance to improve your customer journey by providing them quicker solutions easily with reduced costs. How? Our feature-rich advanced contact center software is here to help you.

    Frequently asked questions

    Everything you need to know about the product and Software. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

    Yes, you can use HoduCC’s Click-2-Call API, which can be used with third party integrations.

    Yes, HoduCC has WebPhone API which can be used for integrations to make and receive calls directly from the 3rd party CRM.

    Yes, HoduCC has integration with Cepstral for TTS. You can purchase the license from Cepstral to use it with HoduCC.

    Yes, HoduCC has Google Single Sign-On feature which can be enabled for Admin, Tenant, Supervisor and Agent level.

    Yes, HoduCC supports the customer import facility Admin can create the custom fields to accommodate customer details.

    HoduCC can generate tickets automatically for email and social media interactions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram for Business). The HoduCC users can create tickets manually for Call, Chat, SMS and also for Email, Telegram & Social Media.

    As an omnichannel contact center software, HoduCC supports all the popular social media channels.
    • Facebook – Post/Comments and Messenger requests
    • Instagram – Post/Comments requests
    • Twitter – Direct Message requests
    • WhatsApp – Inbound chat request from customers to WhatsApp Business Account and Agent can send one to one Outbound WhatsApp to customer based on the pre-approved template(s) from WhatsApp
    • Telegram – One-to-one chat requests
    No, the billing module is not available with HoduCC. However, with HoduCC you can export CDR’s and use them with third  party billing. Call detail API is available for 3rd party integration.
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