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Automation can be a major contributor in better resource utilization and increased productivity. The auto dialer feature of HoduCC will automate a crucial part of an outbound calling campaign in a Contact Center. This will fetch the leads from the database or CRM and call the number of leads as per the dial ratio. Once the call is connected, it will detect who is on the other side of the phone, a human or an answering machine or busy signal. If the system detects an answering machine or voicemail, it will be dropped at the same moment to save time and thus increase efficiency of the dial rate. However, if it gets connected with the customer either it plays pre-recorded message which is often called as Voice Broadcasting or Robo Calling or it connects with the respective person and will be routed to the available agent. The whole process will be performed automatically by the dialer.

This feature is the best to qualify leads and passes only qualified calls to the agent as it is tinguishes the live human pick-up from the answering machine.

Why Auto Dialer?

Automate process

From fetching of leads till the dialing and connecting with prospects, everything is automated without human intervention.

Optimize Dial rate

Auto dialer connects the agent with only human picked-up call and drops the voicemails or answered machine which optimizes the dial rate and increases the efficiency of outbound calling.

Saves Time

Unlike manual dialer, it eliminates non-productive call through filtration and connects the rest with the agent automatically which saves lot of time.

Better Resource Utilization

Through automated process, resources can be utilized in an efficient manner which serves the fit for purpose.

High Productivity

It empowers the agents and speeds up the response time which leads to high productivity.

Increase ROI

It doubles the talk time of agent resulting increase in ROI and profits.