Voice Call CENTER Software

HoduSoft offers astonishing solutions for call centers via call center software (HoduCC) that is optimal to improve customer experience. The software is best suitable for all types of call centers irrespective of their size. HoduSoft is one of the top VoIP solution providers worldwide and offers intelligence, security, and advanced features with the best voice call center software.

As telephonic conversations are vital for each business, our voice call center software caters to the voice conversation needs to empower your efficiencies. HoduCC is specially designed to increase productivity for your business.

HoduCC – Call Center Software offers an ultimate solution to handle your business phone conversation.Whether you want to make outgoing calls, manage incoming calls or track key call center metrics, HoduCC will perform the tasks for you.

Also, you can efficiently execute workforce management and load automated scripts to deliver the best customer services.

Special Benefits

Predictive Dialer
Save time by dialing multiple numbers at the same time with HoduCC’s predictive dialer.

Auto Dialer
Automatically dials numbers to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your agents.

Skill-based Mapping
Route the right call at the right agent and make communication more precise and accurate.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Save time with IVR and offer richer customer experience.

WebRTC Phone
Embrace operational flexibility with real-time communication anywhere at any time.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Handle a large volume of inbound calls by evenly distribute calls among the available agents.

HoduSoft is the leading software provider of inbound call center software that suits your core business needs. Whether you want to manage a large volume of inbound calls or you are looking for accurate reporting, out inbound voice call center software will fulfill your requirements. 

You can completely control all your inbound calls with this software. The skill-based routing will help you to efficiently use agents’ skills to increase customer satisfaction. Besides,  you will be able to establish an IVR system and flexible ring groups to divert the right calls to the right agents.

HoduCC allows you to manage all your outbound call requests along with offering a better caller experience. When a sales team is prospecting new customers, the outbound call system is highly recommended. HoduSoft’s call center software offers discrete features like an auto dialer and predictive dialer that maximizes your agents’ productivity.  

Our outbound call center software is quick and simple to use. You can easily monitor and supervise calls to train your employees. We aim to deliver the most efficient outbound call center solutions at an affordable price.

HoduCC’s CRM integration facility allows you to deliver a superior customer experience. If you integrate CRM, you can improve call resolution rate along with reducing the call handling time. Your agents can effectively manage the actions like conference call connection, call transfer, and putting a call on hold. 

Moreover, it allows having a seamless experience real-time access to customer profile during the call. Thus, agents can answer customers’ queries with a genuine response. The automatic popup and call routing control support you to present more responsive customer services. By using HoduCC with CRM, empower your customer services and increase customer satisfaction.

Call Center Software Features

HoduCC offers the ultimate solution to handle call center operations efficiently. The distinct features of the call center software enable you to manage inbound and outbound calls systematically. Let your agents perform at their best with our voice call center software.

  • Call Control
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Barging
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Call Queues
  • Whisper Coaching
  •  Conferencing Calling
  •  Real-time metrics
  • Voicemail
  • Call Disposition
  • Routing
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Click-to-Call


IVR Survey

Once regular communication between the customer & agent is over, the agent can transfer the call to IVR Survey. IVR Survey provides a set of survey questions to the customer.

Quality Analysis

The QA (Quality Analysis) Module is an Add On module in HoduCC for ranking the agents based on their Voice Tone, Language Proficiency, Quality of query resolution or any Predefined ranking criteria for agents.

SMS Broadcasting

In HoduCC, through SMS broadcasting functionality admin can create the SMS campaign and type the text which he wants to broadcast to the customers.

Our CRM Partner Zoho

HoduCC is crafted to suit contact centers needs, ensures your customers loyalty and satisfaction is achieved. Boost your sales with collaboration of HoduCC & Zoho CRM to simplify your customer calling process. Login into your Zoho CRM, tap on customer’s contact number and it connects you on the call.

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