Email – contact center software

Assist the clients through email even if the agents are busy with lined up calls. HoduCC lets your agents resolve the client’s concern 24*7 even after business hours. Unlike the phone, emails offer an official communication and provide a sense of confidence to the client. The agent can write customized templates based on their business process. Email Communication is one of the quickest and best preferrable channels for customers.

With HoduCC Contact Center Software from HoduSoft, You can use Email Contact Center Channel Communication and improve customer satisfaction across all channels.

Special Features

Real-time monitoring
Get real-time insights about email quality of service, subject matter, responses, etc.

Customized response
Engage customer interactions by sending personalized responses to your clients

Route emails
The omnichannel system enables routing emails to the right agent and teams

Text Masking
Hide sensitive data and ensure security to your customers

Categorize emails
Improve your employees’ efficiency by categorizing and prioritizing email messages

Make your customer response consistent, timely, and accurate with HoduCC’s Email functionality. This functionality escalates workflow management and improves productivity. Hence, you can easily acknowledge, manage, and resolve customer queries. HoduCC’s Email will help your business to;

  • Reach Global Audience
  • Effectively Manage Contacts
  • Send Customized Messages
  • Acquire Cost-effective Solutions
  • Communicate Quickly
  • Drive More ROI