HoduCC – FreeSWITCH based Contact Center Software that is a comprehensive and consolidated contact center software. It guarantees to provide the best call center software that suits best for all types of call centers. Being one of the top Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions providers across the globe, HoduSoft ensures that this contact center software offers intelligence, security, and advanced features.

HoduCC has been designed in a way to make sure that user loyalty is built and the customers’ expectations are accomplished. Doesn’t matter what your business size is, HoduCC is most affordable Contact Center Software for small businesses as well.

HoduCC allows customer support teams to provide personal, productive phone support within an omnichannel customer journey. Talk helps growing service teams resolve issues faster, measure and improve phone support operations, and deliver better customer experiences across channels. With enterprise-class call center software performance and consumer-like ease of use, HoduCC easily adapts to the evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings.

Salient Features

Predictive Dialer
A Predictive Dialer Software is an ideal tool for businesses with huge call volumes.

Auto Dialer
Automation can be a major contributor in to use resources effectively and enhance productivity.

Video Call
Video calls put a face to the name, so to speak, enabling agents and customers to build trust and receive feedback quickly.

Skill Based Mapping
Let’s take the customer’s engagement with the organization to the next higher level.

WebRTC Phone
HoduCC has inbuilt web-phone which is based on WebRTC technology by Google.

Social Media
Call center software delivers advanced social media capabilities for customer service and organizations.

Automatic Call Distribution
Advanced ACD helps to evenly distribute the calls among available agents by following specific strategies.

Call Center Software has all the required features to manage the inbound, outbound customer call center business.

Assist the clients through email even if agents are busy with lined up calls.

HoduCC provides a ready plugin to integrate with the client website to chat with customers.

HoduCC – Outbound Contact Center software is the perfect solution for businesses with large volumes of outgoing calls. With this solution, you can manage call requests, motivate agents, generate high-quality leads, and give great caller experiences.

Outbound Contact center software dial out to reach customers or prospects and are typically used when a sales team is prospecting for new customers. Outbound call centers may utilize autodialer, and predictive dialing software that helps to maximize agent productivity by increasing the amount of connections agents can make with customers.

HoduCC offers improved customer experience and agent performance in your call center with the features like power dialers, ready-made integrations with all major CRM/ticketing solution, easy access to call recordings and reports. These functionalities will give a detailed picture of your call center operations. Since we offer both inbound and outbound connections, you can also run a blended call center with ease.

Location does not interfere with our outbound call center software. The software is designed to give access to agents, no matter where they are. At the same time, our software makes supervision and monitoring easy too. So, you can always make sure every contact center agent is observing the outbound call center with best practices and solutions.

As a multi-channel Contact Center Software, HoduCC allows seamless communication with customers via multiple touch points including phone, web, email, chat, SMS, and social media. We have integrated these multiple channels on our platform. No matter how the customers get in touch with you, they perceive a consistent response from the agent.

Our outbound Contact center software is fast and simple to use for everyone in your operation. It keeps costs down and productivity high. Read on to learn more about what makes this amazing call center software so effective, and request a free demo today.

HoduSoft is a leading provider of web-based inbound call center software. Our Contact Center platform offers a suite of core inbound call center technologies. It includes ACD with universal queuing for multimedia contacts and skills based routing, IVR with self-serve options.

HoduCC Inbound Contact Center software helps you to deliver high-quality customer services. You can offer professional caller experiences with state-of-the-art IVR phone menu systems, auto attendants, ACD and skills-based routing, CRM Integration, agent management tools, and much more.

Many organizations across the industry use HoduCC Inbound call center software for their inbound customer service operations. With the HoduCC inbound call center solution, you can set up a full-featured inbound call center business efficiently.

With this software, you can take control of your business with powerful inbound campaigns (and outbound and blended if needed), robust reporting, flexible ring groups, and skills-based routing. You’ll be able to set up an IVR system and flexible ring groups so the right inbound calls go to the right agents. Live transfers and music on hold ensure your customers and prospects have a great experience.

With an advanced inbound call center program, you can easily track the call activity. Consequently, it results in empowering your customer services with a data-driven decision. You can even optimize the prevalent customer care mechanism in accordance with call activity and agents’ performance. Embrace our built-from-the-ground-up inbound call center software program in your customer service center and make the entire process a flawless experience. It can enhance the efficiency of your calling agents by streamlining all the phone calls in an integrated CRM system. With the scalability and efficient reporting tool, our inbound call center software program can help you take the customer care services to a new level in your business.

HoduCC – Contact Center Software offers CRM integration facility to deliver a better customer experience with hasslefree workflow management. The integration will help you to increase call resolution rate and decrease the call handling time. The ultimate goal to integrate CRM with HoduCC is to deliver world-class customer services.

The agents can perform the activities such as call transfer, conference call connection, and putting a call on hold, from their CRM window. CRM integration offers simple, automated, and real-time access to customer profile during the call. So, agents can answer customer with genuine solutions. Automatic popup and call routing management assist you to deliver quicker customer services. By using HoduCC with CRM, agents access customer information efficiently. So, they can resolve the query quickly.

You can eliminate the manual telephony functions that improve productivity with exclusive functionality. The system integrates your telephony, IVR, ACD, and skills-based call routing with the current database and business tools for enhanced call experience. Besides, with the progressive and predictive dialer, you can select the dialer that best suits the requirements.

The supervisors and managers can monitor, record, and analyze the call data to make insightful real-time decisions. Also, it is easier to derive call recordings and detailed call analytics such as number of calls made, number of incoming calls, number of missed calls, and much more. These metrics enable you to take appropriate actions to train your staff to present the best call experience to the customers.

Integrate HoduCC with the choice of your CRM and enjoy the immense benefits that empower customer service with analytical solutions.

Contact Center Software Features

Call center software is a product that helps you handle your business phone conversations. Your phone teams can use your preferred call center software to make outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call center metrics, perform workforce management, and load automated scripts for your phone team. Call center agents are your phone team members who use your call center software to engage with customers or prospects.

  • Omni-channel
  • Single-Tenant & Multi-Tenant
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Skill Based Mapping
  • Advanced Dialer
  • Inbuilt Webphone
  • Multilevel IVR
  • Real Time Analytics and Reports
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Third Party Software Integration
  • Answering Machine Detection

IVR Survey

Once regular communication between the customer & agent is over, the agent can transfer the call to IVR Survey. IVR Survey provides a set of survey questions to the customer.

Quality Analysis

The QA (Quality Analysis) Module is an Add On module in HoduCC for ranking the agents based on their Voice Tone, Language Proficiency, Quality of query resolution or any Predefined ranking criteria for agents.

SMS Broadcasting

In HoduCC, through SMS broadcasting functionality admin can create the SMS campaign and type the text which he wants to broadcast to the customers.

Our CRM Partner Zoho

HoduCC is crafted to suit contact centers needs, ensures your customers loyalty and satisfaction is achieved. Boost your sales with collaboration of HoduCC & Zoho CRM to simplify your customer calling process. Login into your Zoho CRM, tap on customer’s contact number and it connects you on the call.

Our Strengths
250+ Agents in a single server
1000+ Concurrent Calls
Product Customization
Attractive UI/UX
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