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Contact Center Software is all about providing excellent services to the customers and therefore, more and more communication channels have been introduced to engage the customer. One such effective channel is “Live Chat”.

HoduCC provides a ready plugin to integrate with client website to chat with customers. HoduCC- Live Chat contact center software allows the live agents to handle multiple chats at the same time. It helps in increasing the agent productivity and customers feel happy and satisfied due to less wait time. Monitor your real-time activity, access all previous chat conversation and review the impact on sales process, customer satisfaction ratio. Live Agents can use those details to personalize customer interactions and provide the best possible service. It is a great way to exponentially increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Special Features

Pre-chat forms
Gather key information from clients to offer the best services

Offline form
Ensure your customers that you will get back to them while chat is offline

Increase your agents’ efficiency by integrating AI-powered chatbots

Chat supervision
Monitor chats for training purpose and deliver the ultimate customer experience

HoduCC’s exclusive feature ‘live chat’ allows you to engage with your customers effectively. It is a faster and more personalized way to connect with your audience. Also, you can quickly resolve customers queries by communicating with them via chat. Have a look at the distinct benefits!

  • Quicker Problem Solution
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Reduce Support Costs
  • Get Competitive Advantage
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Satisfy Potential Customers
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