SIP Trunk

HoduSoft’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk module is an advanced voice connectivity feature of HoduPBX – Multi Tenant IP PBX Software, the best in class IP PBX solution. By replacing traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with a single physical link, it can support 1000+ simultaneous calls. It helps customers to save huge on their communication costs, increases flexibility, and opens up a host of unified communications features.

ISPs, ITSPs and Telecoms can opt for this add-on SIP Trunk solution to overcome issues related to scalability, maintenance, and convergence. With the help of HoduSoft’s IP PBX Software, SIP Trunks can be configured, monitored, and managed easily.


Highly Secure: The whitelist IP trunk and register based trunk option ensures that the calls made over the SIP trunks are fully secure.

Proactive Support: The support team is proactive for any kind of assistance regarding any difficulties with SIP trunks.

Simplified Network: It replaces traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with single link SIP trunk connectivity for smooth functionality.

Quick Scalability: Provide quick scalability on a single link with several simultaneous calls.

Disaster Recovery: SIP trunks can be an important part of your business’ disaster recovery plan. If some unexpected event happens, calls can be diverted instantly to another site/system, so there will be no impact on business operations.

Cost-Effective: SIP trunking services are affordable and provide better ROI.

HoduSoft’s SIP trunking is the best way to manage all your communications and make processes run smoothly. Sign up for a free demo to get more information about SIP Trunk.

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