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Say No to IP Phones!

In corporate world utilization of workspace is a crucial part which has to be done in a way which soothes to everyone. Especially in Contact centers, small cubicles are crafted for executives where desktop, external phone, headphone and other stuff is kept, it looks so clumsy as hardly they have space to fit into it.

HoduCC has come with a solution for the businesses working in less space. Unlike, other software, HoduCC has inbuilt webphone which is based on WebRTC technology by Google.

Here people do not require any IP phone or hard phone or any third party softphone as it has inbuilt in the software. Executives will be logging in their portal and the webphone will pop up in their window.


  • Call on Mute
  • DTMF to dial call manually
  • Internal Transfer
  • External Transfer
  • Disposition to fill the outcome of the call
  • CRM integration via API

Why WebRTC Phone?

Save cost

Why to pay more for hard phones when HoduCC is meeting your requirement in the software itself.

Utilize the space

Work space can be utilized in such a manner that within the space more number of executives can sit and work comfortably.

Communicate with ease

Agents and the Team Leaders can communicate with ease, as they can take the advantage of features quickly, which is difficult by using IP phones.

Easy to configure

We have rest API for web phone which can be easily integrated with the CRM. Agents or the Supervisors can login into their CRM and can make or receive calls from the CRM directly.