Top Five advantages of IP PBX Software

If the business is switching over to IP-PBX the reasons are not far to seek. It offers far more benefits than the standard PSTN telephony can ever hope to deliver. Let us take a look at the top five advantages of IP PBX software.

Cost benefit

At the top of the list is cost-benefit that IP PBX software brings. Whether one wishes to call a local number of an international number, cost reduces considerably due to SIP trunking VoIP technology that makes use of the internet instead of standard telephone lines. One can install on-premise IP PBX solution  with a server and the entire network has access to IP PBX telephony and its features such as low latency. Of course, this involves investment in hardware that can be avoided by using hosted IP PBX software  on a monthly subscription basis. One earns and pays for the telephony costs.

Simpler management of complex network

IP PBX software runs on Windows and has an easy to use GUI to manage even the most complex networks with ease. One can also enjoy features like call monitoring, selective access, vendor management, DID management, gateway/trunk management, phone books, blacklist, and whitelist, call recording, video calling, audio recording, conferencing and voicemails. Service providers benefit from advanced billing facility, rate card, and bill plan facilities all of which can be managed through a dashboard. It is easy to move IP phones from one connection to another.


IP PBX software allows scalability as a built-in feature. One can scale down use in hosted IP PBX software and pay accordingly. If there is a periodic need for higher loads, it is easily accommodated. It is easy to add branch offices and remote extensions and enjoy use over desktops or smartphones in a safe, secure way. IP PBX is so easy it even allows the use of analog phones and faxes.

Tons of features

A standard telephone line provides only audio communications. IP PBX software solution incorporates audio and video web conferencing, SMS, chat, email and fax in a unified communication framework as well as CRM integration.

Plenty of extensions for even greater productivity and efficiency

One can opt for standard features and then extensions such as phonebook, caller ID blocking, DND, intercom dialing, find me/follow me, call returns, barge in, selective acceptance and rejection, as well as others, according to need.

Companies that use standard PBX can easily migrate to Hosted IP PBX or install on-premise IP PBX solution. The benefits far outweigh costs: in fact, it is an investment, not an expense.

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