For any call center, analytics and reports are very much important to measure current performance, find improvement area and improvisation. The reports play a major role in decision making. Here Real time analytics and reports can provide minute level details in real time to the supervisors and management to keep close eyes over the performance of the agents and ensure they are providing the best customer experience to the callers.

The HoduCC has the dashboard view with different metrics for the supervisors and admin for live monitoring so they can keep track of different areas. This real time reports can be further drilled down to check things at a granular level, too.

Below is the list of areas which can be tracked using Real time Analytics and Reports

  • Agent performance
  • Customer experience
  • Agent strength and skills
  • Multi-Tab queue report
  • Mulit-Tab Campaign Report
  • Live Agent Registration Status

Why Real Time Analytics And Reports?

Ensure Quality and Consistency in the customer service in real time

With the real time data and statistics, the supervisors can make sure that each customer is served with the best possible customer experience. The supervisors can keep track of ongoing calls in real time and take proactive action when they see any loopholes by the agent in handling the customer. This ensures that the situation never goes out of the hand and the customer satisfaction ratio stays at the highest possible number. The consistent customer service contributes in the better customer engagement and increased customer satisfaction.

Identify Agent Improvement Areas for effective training

With the real time analytics and reports, the call center supervisors can track the agent performance and Key performance indicators in real time. This will provide them enough data and information to identify the areas where the agent needs to improve. By collecting this statistic, the supervisor can arrange the required coaching and training sessions.

Better Decision Making

The management can take the better decision based on the real facts comes out through reports, can analyze the counterparts where they are lagging behind or where they’re more efficient. These analytics will help the businesses in forecasting the sales, which can ultimately helps them in creating business plans, strategies accordingly. HoduSoft provides free demo of the stated feature and many other features which are part of HoduCC, Call Center Solution. To know more, contact us!

Identify skills of the agents

The real time analytics and reports also provide the tool to gauge the strength of the agents which can be then utilized in the favor of call centers. This identified strength will allow the supervisor to assign the most appropriate skills to the agent and utilize him in the most productive way.