Every Enterprise Should Have Call Center Software

There is no reason to not havecall center software in your enterprise particularly when it is available as a hosted, pay as you go option. Forget about outsourcing customer service. Deliver it using your in-house staff. Every one of your employees becomes a potential agent, able to deliver rich customer experience in a variety of ways. Customer experience is just one part of the story of communications.

Setting it up is so easy and affordable

Call center solutions incorporate WebRTC that brings absolute freedom in its wake. Simply make use of your smartphone and desktop. The CC software is up and running in a day or less and everyone in your enterprise, regardless of whether they work in the office, from home or remotely, are connected. Not only that, you connect with vendors too and can exchange documents, emails, faxes and also carry on audio-video chat.

Customer engagement

With a call center solution in place, each employee is a potential customer service executive, able to contact over audio-video chat as well as social media, WhatsApp and email through a single dashboard-type interface. Your CRM connects to the CC software to show you all the details of customers at a glance. Your employees will love to interact and enjoy it when they engage through social media. That your customers will be delighted and stay loyal is just one benefit.

Team collaboration

It is not just for customer interaction. The inherent features of the contact center solution such as WebRTC based audio-video chat and conferencing are ideal for team interaction. Think of the amount of work that can be done without your executives having to travel or move away from their desks. This facility alone makes it worth investing in contact center software.

As a marketing and service tool

Today’s intelligent contact center software invariably has an IVR module you can use as the first point of contact for inbound callers. Extend it further by using the IVR-CRM combine to conduct surveys or send out voice calls. Text can be broadcast to thousands in just a few minutes with the inbuilt SMS broadcast feature.

Better analytics

So, what is the quality of your interactions? Does better communication too really improve the bottom line? Use the software’s analytics feature to analyze call records and use it as training for employees to change for the better. Find out what customers think and expect. Craft strategies, streamline operations.

Hodusoft’s contact center software helps you to enhance customer experience while facilitating communications between departments and teams in your enterprise.

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